6 Unconventional souvenirs to buy in Macau

By Karen Chiang

Beyond the beef jerky and Portuguese egg tarts, did you know there are also some unique crafts, designs and unconventional gifts you can take home from Macau as one of a kind souvenirs?

Graphic t-shirts 
For those of you who prefer something less on the nose than souvenirs with Macau printed across the front, boutique cafe and store Rooftop Macau offers custom t-shirts with Macau-inspired modern graphics including tiles, casino chips, incense, and more. You can also choose the location of the graphic to make it unique.

  Photography: https://www.facebook.com/rooftopmacau/

Address: Rua Correia da Silva 49, Macau

Canned fish 
Hailing all the way from Portugual, Loja Das Consevas is not only a must-visit in Macau, but also a fantastic destination for souvenirs to bring home. Once a Portuguese colony, canned fish is something commonly found in local restaurants, and Loja Das Consevas acts as colourful museum that showcases over 50 brands and 600 variations of canned fish imported straight from Portugal.


Address: Loja Das Consevas, Travessa do Aterro Novo 9, Macau
Phone: +853 6571 8214 

Portuguese Produce 
Looking for a dose of authentic Portuguese creations? Nestled inside the bright and historic St. Lazarus Quarter, Mercearia Portuguesa literally means the Portuguese Corner Shop. Stocking artisanal produce imported from Portugal, you’ll find handwoven rugs, jams, tiles, even Oprah’s favourite soap in this small but nostalgic store. 

  Photography: https://www.facebook.com/merceariaportuguesa/

Address: Mercearia Portuguesa, Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro 8, Macau
Phone: +853 2856 2708

DIY Wooden Digital Camera 
Ever wanted to build your own camera? Macau’s very own brand Hyle designed a wooden digital camera that you can put together with two hands. CROZ lets you choose from several kinds of panels including rose wood and European ash, and it only takes 4-6 steps to assemble. The camera also comes with 4 built-in filters, fisheye and wide-angle lens for you to full explore the beauty of photography.

Photography: https://hyle.design/product/croz-d-i-y-digital-camera/

Sold at several locations: https://hyle.design/store/
Website: https://hyle.design/product/croz-d-i-y-digital-camera/

Macau creations 
Cunha Bazaar, the three-storey flagship store conveniently located at Cunha Street is the must-go for any visitors. With snacks, shirts, and a striking mural that wraps around the building, it houses everything Macau-made and great for souvenirs. In particular, make sure you visit the top floor to see a selection of local designer products under one roof.


Address: Rua do Cunha No. 33-35 R/C Taipa, Macau
Website: http://www.cunhabazaar.com/

Macau merch 
For the fashionistas and trendsetters in your life, instead of passing on yet another pack of biscuits, Loving Macau offers some stylish alternatives like dad caps, tote bags and pins. Their modern, fun and affordable designs are perfect for hipsters from any city.

  Photography: https://www.lovingmacau.com/

Find their locations here: https://www.lovingmacau.com/pages/locations 
Website: https://www.lovingmacau.com/  

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