Macau International Parade

Formerly known as the ”Parade through Macau, Latin City”, this spectacular cultural showcase organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau was initially staged in 2011 to celebrate the 1999 handover of Macau to China, but was rebranded as the Macao International Parade in 2017 in reference to the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the city as well as the participation of performers from overseas. The parade winds through Macau Peninsula, beginning at the Ruins of St Paul’s and culminating in an evening fiesta at Sai Van Lake Square. Held over one day in December, the aim of the procession is to offer local arts groups the chance to express their creativity in a festive atmosphere and to promote Macau’s cultural industries in a spirit of diversity, allowing local artists to interact with international performing groups. Along the route, visitors can expect to see ethnic dances, puppetry, acrobats, clowns, stilt performers and a colourful array of costumes.






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