Taipa Houses–Museum

This collection of five jade-green houses in a serene neighbourhood, originally built in 1921, is a unique visitor attraction in Macau. It represents the Macanese architectural style of the early 20th century and as such, presents a picturesque time capsule of this period in Macau’s history alongside Our Lady of Carmel Church. The houses were once the residences of senior civil servants and steadily gained recognition over the course of the century until in 1999, the government renovated the houses and converted them into a museum site, before opening them to the public in 1999.  

Then, in 2016, the government took the development one stage further by repurposing them into a set of five discreet visitor attractions – the Macanese Living Museum, Exhibitions Gallery, Creative Casa, Nostalgic House and House for Receptions – each with its own dedicated area of focus. Aside from being a place of culture and creativity, there are outdoor performances and leisure activities taking place here, making the site not just a nostalgic throwback to Portuguese times but a modern, multicultural public space. 

The Macanese Living Museum is a collection of artefacts that throws light on the lifestyles of the Macanese people – a distinct ethnicity descended from the Portuguese who married Chinese, Malays, Filipinos and Indians in Macau, with their own distinct cuisine, dialect and customsThe Exhibitions Gallery serves an international meeting point where Macau can enter into cultural exchanges with overseas countries, boosting cultural tourism in the process. Exhibitions have included photography, Western painting, ceramics and sculpture, and artists have been invited from countries such as Korea and Poland to showcase their work. 

The Creative Casa is used to promote Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries through exhibitions and displays, as well as for the sale of speciality products. On the ground floor there are cultural products and publications relating to both Portugal and Taipa, while the first floor is used for temporary exhibitions. In the Nostalgic House, there are periodic showcases of the Macanese community’s culture, life, religion, architecture and cuisine, with particular focus on the Cotai district. Finally, the House for Receptions – the only house in which the public may not enter – serves as a venue for official banquets, receptions and other activities. 

Address: Avenida da Praia, Taipa, Macau
Phone: +853 8988 4000 / +853 2882 7527
Website: www.icm.gov.mo/en/housesmuseum

Bus routes nearby: 11, 15, 22, 28A, 30, 33, 34

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