Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre

A one-of-a-kind venue in Macau, Kun Iam was designed by Portuguese architect Cristina Rocha Leiria, and opened in 1999 on an artificial island connected to peninsular Macau by a 60-metre causeway. The centre was conceived as a non-denominational cultural space to advocate universal respect and and friendship, and contains a “contemplation room”, library facilities and educational materials, though it’s also used for performances, exhibitions and conventions. But it’s most famous for the 20-meter statue rising from its dome – a striking bronze figure depicting the eponymous goddess of mercy, compassion and love, which embodies the centre’s goal of promoting universal solidarity and peace.




Address: Avenida de Sun Yat-sen

open Sat-Thu, 10am-6pm;

Website: www.macaumuseum.gov.mo

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