72 Hours in Macau

By Karen Chiang

Spending a long weekend in Macau or just stopping over for a few days? Here are the must-sees and must-eats all planned out in a neat itinerary for you. Whether you’re into shopping or sightseeing, Macau has something hassle-free to offer.

Day one - Macau

Ruins of St. Paul’s
First stop, you should definitely head to the famous Ruins of St. Paul’s - a true world heritage landmark of this city. Originating from 1640, the historic spot marks the location of a 17th-century Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle. Apart from learning about its history, the surrounding streets are also dotted with street food spots to get you immersed in the local culture.

Just on the right side of the Macau's Ruins of St. Paul's, between Calçada de S. Francisco Xavier and Pátio do Espinho, there is  Na Tcha Temple in Macau. The Na Tcha Temple is regarded as a symbol of the Chinese and Western culture and the properness of Macao. In 2005, it became part of the historic city of Macau, next to the site of another cultural relic. Through this wall, there is a Na Tcha exhibition room. You can visit and learn more about Chinese culture. It will be closed every Wednesday. It is open from 10am to 6pm on weekdays.

Lou Kau Mansion
About 10 minutes walk from Ruins of St. Paul to another famous Macao cultural relic " Lou Kau Mansion " that is another place filled with history, that is believed to be built in 1889. The two-story house has traditional Chinese architecture, and one that is rarely well-preserved, complete with subtle Portuguese influences on the decor that is unique to Macau’s culture.

Located near the Lou Kau Mansion, there are many cuisines in the same street, especially the “beef Offal”, special ice cream shops &coffee shops, Taiwan bubble tea. And one of the most popular selfie spot called “Love Street” (Travessa da Paixão) is nearby.

Address: Travessa da Sé No.7
Opening 10AM~18PM
Close on Monday

Eat at:
Cheong Kei - a historic noodle house that’s loved for its fresh prawn roe with noodles.
Address: Rua da FelicidadeNo.68 

Sei Kee Cafe - get your fix of the signature Macanese pork chop bun right here!
Address: G/F, Edf Cheong Son, 7-15 Patio Da Palha, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

Guia Fortress and Lighthouse
The third landmark of the day will be the Guia Fortress and Lighthouse. Just a short hike up is a beautiful fortress, chapel and lighthouse complex recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a beautiful vantage point so don’t forget your cameras.

Eat at:
Fado  - a new Portuguese dining concept in Hotel Royal offering authentic Portuguese cuisine to discerning diners. Address: Royal Hotel M/F,
Reservation: +853 28552222 (142)

The Eight - end your first day in style at this three-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant serving contemporary and luxurious dishes.
Address: Grand Lisboa 2/F,
Reservation: +85388037788

Day two - Taipa

Cunha Street
Cunha Street is always crowded because it serves the best of Macau street food and souvenirs all on one street. Known for the baked goods, durian ice cream and crab congee, you’re sure to get your bellies filled without leaving the area.

Iec Long Firework Factory
Explore a piece of unique Macau history in this old firework factory. Established in 1926 and closed down in 1984, the factory was one of the five of its kind in the city, and is now the best preserved industrial heritage site here.

Our Lady of Carmo Church
A very romantic photo spot, the Our Lady of Carmo Church was the only Catholic church in Taipa when it was built in 1885. It is also right opposite the official department for marriage registration, making it the classic backdrop to wedding photos.

Taipa Village Art Space
Art fans shouldn’t miss this space, showcasing works from both local and international artists and giving visitors a taste of Macau’s art and creative industry. It is also situated in a cultured traditional shophouse, giving you more than one reason to visit.

Look for for our guide A visitor’s guide to Taipa Village

O-Moon sounds like Macau said in Cantonese. Pictures and prints of famous Macau attractions adorned its walls, O Moon boutique is a “ Must take picture” spot for selfie fans and photos lovers. Inspired by its home city’s colors of blue and white and unique blend of Portuguese influences and Macanese cultures. Visitors can carry a piece of Macau home with them with its stylish yet functional souvenirs.

Address: Rua Correia da Silva, 22, Taipa
Website: www.omoonmacau.com

Eat at:
Pei Kee Deli

There are no gorgeous or fancy decoration, but a 30-year-old family-run coffee shop with intimacy and traditional taste. Customers come here for their crispy and delicious peach tart.
Address: G/F, 25 Guan Ye Street, Old Town, Taipa

Goa Nights - end your night here with a fix of trendy cocktails and modern Indian dishes.
Address: 118 Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
Reservation:+853 2856 7819

Day three - Casino Resort time!

It’s your last day! If you’ve got an afternoon left, we recommend spending it in the famed casinos of the city. Easily move from one property to another, and enjoy living like the Crazy Rich Asians. For the non-gamblers, you can explore the countless shops an global brands on offer, and indulge in fine dining from Michelin-starred eateries dotted inside the hotels.

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Eat at:
Robuchon au Dôme - visit the famed gourmet restaurant perched on top of the Grand Lisboa for a 360 bird’s eye view of the buzzing city.
Address: Grand Lisboa 43/F
Reservation: +853 88037878

Cha Bei - Visit this photo-worthy tea cafe for a mid-afternoon break from shopping.
Address: 1047, 1/F The Promenade at Galaxy Macau, Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
Reservation: +853 8883 2221

Pearl Dragon - this Michelin-starred restaurant will show you a whole new level of Cantonese cuisine.
Address: Studio City Macau 2/F No.2111
Reservation: +853 8865 6560

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