Top 5 Heritage Brands from Macau

By Karen Chiang
Photography: Amy Wong / Cheong 

As a former colony of the Portuguese Empire, Macao maintains its rich blend of culture today. To keep the city’s quirks and traditions alive, the Macau Chain Stores and Franchise Association, supported by Economic Services Bureau (DSE) handpicked 12 local businesses that best represent Macau’s local culture as part of the new ‘Macau Classic Brand’ campaign, honouring widely-loved brands and shops that have a history of at least 40 years. In celebration of this new scheme, we’ve chosen our top 5 picks after carefully sifting through each listing.

Macau Pak 同益百花魁醬園有限公司
Opened over a century ago in 1903, Macau Pak specializes in preserved fruits and sauces, selling traditional products such as white rice vinegar, dried tangerine peel and their famous Baihua Peach Fruit. Don’t be fooled by its innocent name- the Baihua Peach Fruit’s salty, sour and sweet flavour is uniquely its own, infused with their secret recipe then dried underneath the sun, and finally packaged by hand into individual boxes. Be sure to bring a few boxes back home if you’re visiting.

Address: Store A, G/F, 2E Wan On Building, Rua do Comandante João Belo, Macau
Phone: +853 2833 4926

Pastelaria Chui Heong 最香餅家

If you see a queue outside the shop, you know you’ve come to the right place. Pastelaria Chui Heong is located in an inconspicuous small alleyway and lines usually take 10-15 minutes. Its crumbly almond cookies are claimed to be the best in Macau by tourists or locals. You’ll be able to peer inside the bakery to watch the staff work their magic on the next batch of cookies, made fresh on site using freshly ground almonds and almond flakes. “Charcoal” aroma from the freshly baked Almond pastry is impossible to resist, highly recommended pastry such as egg rolls and lard cake further cement it as the “King Of Almond Pastry”  in the old neighbourhood.

Address: G/F, Block A, 12B R. do Gamboa, Macau
Phone: +853 2838 3858

Pastelaria Fong Kei 晃記餅家
Winning a spot on the Michelin Guide 2019, Pastelaria Fong Kei in Taipa Village is known for their freshly baked almond cookies, wife cakes and egg rolls. While these pastries can be found throughout Macau, Fong Kei’s recipes have been passed through three generations and remain uncommercialised with reasonable prices and the same flavours that won the hearts of friends and families in town.

Address: 14 R. do Cunha, Macau
Phone: +853 2882 7142

Solmar Restaurant 沙利文有限公司
In 1961, Solmar Restaurant was supposed to be just a coffee shop where a few friends would gather during afternoons.  Now managed by second-generation, Maria Edith Da Silva, she swears by quality ingredients and flavours while recalling the difficult time when they were unable to serve the star dish, Portuguese Chicken because of the outbreak of avian influenza. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of Portuguese Chicken to go around now.  The restaurant also serves up other Macanese Portuguese specialities such as prawns on toast, baked fish and African Chicken. You’ll find many customers coming back for a sense of childhood nostalgia after visiting for nearly six decades.

Photography: Solmar Restaurant FB (Top) African Chicken, (Bottom Left) Baked Sea Bass, Fried Prawn on Toast.

Address: 512 Rua da Praia Grande Macau Peninsula, Macau
Phone: +853 2888 1881

Seng Kei Congee 盛記白粥
Can it be a classic Macau breakfast without a heart-warming bowl of congee? Seng Kei Congee’s signature offerings include its namesake item the plain congee, rice dumplings, turnip cakes and Chinese fried dough - all perfect picks to start the day or as a mid-afternoon snack. For those who have more of a sweet tooth, their mango sago, tofu puddings and sachima “Ma Zai” are also popular choices. This bustling congee store’s delicious, traditional breakfast dishes are a cheap dining option for those who are travelling on a budget or for anyone who wants to experience breakfast, local style.

Photography: Sachima “Ma Zai”, Chinese fried dough (Right)

Address: Various locations across Macau
Phone: +853 2840 3931


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