Top Eco-friendly Shops in Macau

By Doris Lam
Photography: Amy Wong / Shuttle Stock

2019 is the year to be kind of ourselves as well as the environment. Macau is a blessed with four seasons but in recent times the weather is getting more and more abnormal. As consumers, we can do our part by taking actions and switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendly (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle) lifestyle. We have picked these shops in Macau stocked with reusable products, making it easier for you to embark on the road to environmental protection. Say goodbye to plastic bottles, disposable products and single-use straws!

Naturally friendly
Natural Friendly is a local website that sells environmentally friendly products, advocates for the environment, share the latest breaking news on plastic-free campaigns, and provides information on which restaurants welcome BYOC- bring your own container. Their online store, StuffBox has a selection of personal and everyday products such as bar soaps and shampoos, vegan condoms, glass straws and reusable ‘Zip Lock’ silicone bags.

Address: Alameda Dr. Carlos D'Assumpcao, ns181-187, Centro Comercial do Grupo Brilhantismo, 4 Andar Q

If you’re looking limit your daily plastic waste and switch to eco-friendly products, EcoMode has a wide range of reusable utensils, food storage, collapsible coffee cups and daily necessities. We love Pockeat, a lightweight lunch bag brand where you can put up to three litres of dry food or soup- say goodbye to the bulky lunch boxes and be environmentally friendly! This Facebook store accepts orders through private messages but occasionally hold pop-up stores at events.


Mai Lon Store
The young owner was inspired when he participated in a “clean the beach” activity and started his journey of environmentally friendly adventure since. Mai Lon Store is a grocery store that emphasizes on waste reduction and zero-waste concept by not using plastic bags, shoppers are encouraged to bring their own shopping bags. You can find cleaning supplies and daily necessities such as detergents, body washes, shampoos, as well as a variety of beans, rice, noodles, spaghetti, dried fruits, etc.

Address: Rua Nova de S. Lázaro 11A
Phone: 853 6226 5000

Ho Ho Market Macau
Ho Ho Market Macau is popular for its unique artisanal toys, nostalgic stationery, hand made candles and ornaments, but their small collection of reusable, zero-waste and natural products is slowly growing over the months. While they sell stainless steel straws, eco-friendly coffee cups and to-go bags, it’s the soaps on tap that caught our eye. If you’re thinking of living a zero-waste lifestyle, bring your own container to bulk buy some multi-purpose cleaning solution and dish soup when you’re there.

Address: Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo No.28
Phone: +853 6303 5050

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