July-August Events in Macau

By Doris Lam

The heat did not slow down the fun in the city. This coming July and August will be filled with art and cultural events celebrating diversity, creativity and the art of gastronomy. From cooking classes at Taipa Village, international music and dance festivals, art exhibitions and Guizhou cuisine pop up, you’ll be in for a treat this summer.

Marine and Water Bureau Day
Learn about the history of Macao’s sea and water heritage on Marine and Water Bureau Day, visitors will be able to visit the Guia Fortress, a 17th-century colonial military fort, chapel and lighthouse. While the full schedule of the celebrations is not released yet, previous years included events such as the Happy Cruise, special museum open days and Moorish Barracks Open Day. Keep your eyes peeled on the bureau’s website for further details.

When: July 15
Venue: Various locations around Macao
Contact: https://www.marine.gov.mo/

International Youth Music Festival 2019
Celebrating almost half of century diplomatic ties between China and Portugal, “Art Macao”  has invited youth orchestras from Portugal and countries from the Belt and Road to perform alongside local youth orchestras. Part of the five-month international arts and cultural event from June to October this year.


When:  17-21, July
Venue: Macao Cultural Centre - Grand Auditorium, Square of the Macao Museum, Anim'Arte Nam Van, Lou Lim Ieoc Garden
Photo Credits / Contact: http://www.artmacao.mo/2019/en/event/7649


International Youth Dance Festival 2019
If dance is more your thing, you can admire the flow of dance and movement at the International Youth Dance Festival, “Marvellous Dance for the 20th Anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China”, where young dancers show off cultural dances as part of “Art Macao”


When: 20-25, July
Venue: Ruins of St. Paul’s, St. Dominic’s Square, Senado Square, Macau Forum I, Anim'Arte Nam Van, Zheng Guanying Public School
Photo Credits / Contact: 

Cooking Classes at Taipa Village Chef Constellation
Learn how to cook local Macanese dishes and signature international dishes at Taipa Village this summer with chef António Coelho from Portuguese fine-dining restaurant, António and Jonathan Dominguez, executive chef of the modern Italian restaurant, Bella Taipa. Guests will be working with the chefs themselves, learning the recipes and culinary skills during each cooking session.


When: July 1- Aug 31
Venue: António, Bella Taipa and Taipa Village
Photo Credits / Contact:

Unexpected Encounters Art Exhibition at City of Dreams
If you missed KAWS’ Good Intentions sculpture last year, it’s back at City of Dreams this year at the hotel’s Unexpected Encounters art exhibition. Contemporary art lovers will rejoice at the sight of the collection, with each piece selected to create a unique connection with the audience. One of our favourites includes the Fat Convertible by Erwin Wurm, a fattened up yellow Porsche sculpture made with a real Porsche, plumped up with polyurethane foam and finally covered with lacquer.



When: June 13- October 31, 12-6pm
Venue: MacauEstr. do Istmo, City of Dreams
Photo Credits / Contact: https://www.cityofdreamsmacau.com/sc/enjoy/art-amusement/art-of-the-city

A Taste of Guizhou at The Venetian
Experience the flavours of southwestern China without leaving Macau this summer by heading to North at The Venetian. From now till the end of July, North will be offering a special Guizhou cuisine promotion which is being overseen by a native Guizhou chef. Guizhou cuisine shares the love for spice with Sichuan and Hunan but puts an emphasis on a sour and spicy taste instead of the “ma la” numbing spice. Try the deep-fried pork ribs, poached sliced beef and Guizhou’s signature dish, poached catfish in sour soup.


When: May 23- July 31
Venue: The Venetian, Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Cotai, Macao
Photo Credits / Contact: https://www.venetianmacao.com/restaurants/signature/north.html

Wushu Masters Challenge
“Wushu”, meaning martial arts in Chinese is composed of different disciples and practices involving acrobatic movement and techniques. Wushu Masters Challenge celebrates the art of Wushu in a four day themed event that highlights the three main Wushu categories: Lion Dance, Taolu and Sanda. Try your hand on the sports and learn more about Wushu through the line-up of Wushu activities throughout the city, available to both tourists and residents.


When: 1-4 August
Venue: Various locations in Macao
Photo Credits / Contact: 

A 360° Multidimensional Art Experience
Art Exhibition "ART‧ppreciation‧Legacy" by The Art Heritage will be celebrating the intercultural heritage of Macao through seven multidimensional art exhibitions in various hotels every month from June to October. Our top pick includes the Celestial Sphere, a contemporary glass art exhibition by Macau artist, Dr. Meng Shu. The exhibition focuses on a cross-sensory experience by using colourful glass artworks.


When: June 13-Oct 31
Venue: Macau Grand Lisboa, Lisboa, Jai Alai Oceanus, Ponte 16, and Regency Art Hotel
Photo Credits / Contact: 

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