5 reasons to visit Macau in September/October

By Vestigo Macau
Photography: Amy Wong / Wu Sai Cheong / Kenny Ngai

If there were ever a perfect time to visit the city, it would have to be September/October – and just as summer starts to draw to a close, no fewer than three major festivals are hitting Macau these 2 months.

Garden of Earthly Delights' Art Exhibition 
Experience and embark on a magical journey into the world of art - Showcasing 7 renowned international artists' master pieces, where you will encounter towering sculptures, dynamic digital paintings, vibrant colors and animated imagery. The exhibition is definitely an eye-opener for both Macau residents and tourists at Wynn Palace.

Photography: Wynn Palace - Art Gallery

Opening Hours: 10AM -10PM, till 6th Oct 2019
Address: Wynn Palace - Art Gallery

30th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest
The 30th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest will stage twelve fireworks shows on 7th, 13th, 21st, 28th September, 1st and 5th October, held on the shore at the sea area in front of Macau Tower, has won a reputation as one of the world’s leading pyrotechnics extravaganzas. Since its first edition in 1989, the contest has attracted more than 100 teams from all over the world. Many Asian countries have participated including China, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, as well as Western professional teams from Australia, the United Kingdom, Romania, France, South Africa, Canada and Portugal.


Photography: Macao International Fireworks

For this year’s 30th edition of the contest, overseas visitors are once again expected to descend on the city so that their holiday coincides with the spectacular displays in the night sky, which can be admired from many viewpoints both in peninsular Macau and Taipa. Among the delegations exhibiting their firework prowess are the Philippines, Korea, Belgium, Japan, France, Portugal, Germany and Austria, while on the final night (1 October), displays will be showcased by Italy and China. Two programs are scheduled for each evening of the festival, with an early show at 9pm and a second, climactic spectacle at 9.40pm. Besides the conventional Photo Contest and Student Drawing Contest, both popular among residents, two new contests of video production and poster design will be launched this year in tandem with the Fireworks Contest.

For more information: http://fireworks.macaotourism.gov.mo/index.php

Art Macao
From June to October this year, Art Macao: International Art Exhibition will kick off at the main exhibition venue Macao Museum of Art; while exhibitions will also be held at other important venues such as the Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No. 1, Old Court Building, Tap Seac Gallery, Exhibitions Gallery of the Taipa Houses, Former Municipal Cattle Stable (Ox Warehouse) and hotels and integrated resorts.

Photography: Art Macao: International Art Exhibition

With the theme of diversity, the exhibition demonstrates the reality of social culture and artistic creation through crossover cooperation, presenting the richness of styles and forms, connecting different cultures, expanding the artistic vision of the public, building a creative atmosphere, and displaying the inclusivity and generosity of Macaos cultural connotation. 

For more information://www.mam.gov.mo/c/exhibition/1/detail/66c036d8-128f-4527-a48f-a55e11fde836

Mid-Autumn Festival 
A less noisy, but equally spectacular celebration takes place on 13 September – the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar – as the Mid-Autumn Festival comes to Macau. Festive vibes permeate the city as its streets are beautifully decorated with colourful lanterns. Considered one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture, mid-autumn – which is timed to coincide with a full moon – is traditionally a time for family reunions. It's also the peak period for the consumption of mooncakes, when Chinese people offer this sweet pastry as a tasty gift to relatives and friends.

The festival is often marked by families gathering for a celebratory dinner, followed by a night walk to enjoy the beauty of the full moon. Some may also have a picnic in an outdoor location – in a garden, by a lake or on the beach – while consuming moon cakes and seasonal fruits, as children play with glittery lanterns.

Photography: Moon cake by Grand Lapa. For more information for the Grand Lapa moon cake promotion, please click HERE

Street piano project
From September to October, the Macao Cultural Bureau will place two pianos in the public spaces of different communities in Macao, adding a musical atmosphere to Macau, and bringing music closer to each other. You can showcase your musical talents on the streets of Macau. Don't bury your talents and take to the streets to share your music!

Date to be confirmed: 2/9-27/10
For more information: //www.icm.gov.mo/fimm/33/CN/event/7930

33rd Macau International Music Festival
Since its first edition in 1987, the festival has remained a favourite calendar highlight among locals and tourists - this year edition themed “The Instrumentalist” , organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau will be offering a total of 22 excellent performances. Starting from 4th October to the 30th, kickstarting a month of eclectic performances played by virtuosos from Europe, South America and Asia. Continuing the tradition of recent festivals, many genres of music are on show, including orchestral and chamber music, folk and Broadway tunes.

Serenade of Strings (Left); When the East Meets the West (Right)
Photo credit: www.icm.gov.mo/fimm

The prestigious Vienna Philharmonic will return to Macao to perform under the baton of the most sought-after Columbian-Austrian conductor Andrés Orozco-Estrada, joining hands with the famous Chinese pianist Yuja Wang. The Vienna Philharmonic’s annual midsummer open-air concert has become their own annual event, broadcast every year by the European Broadcasting Union. The orchestra will hold an outdoor concert in Macao, providing the Macao audience with a world-class event.

The Vienna Philharmonic (Photo credit:  www.icm.gov.mo/fimm)

For more information: http://www.icm.gov.mo/fimm/33/en/event/7859

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