Macau Cultural Day Out

By Vestigo Macau
Photography: Amy Wong / Wu Sai Cheong

Macau has a cultural facet that’s filled with rich heritage and stories. For a different travel experience (2 days 1 night), try visiting these heritage sites, soak up all the history and explore the unique street food, cafes and architecture along the way.

Travel itinerary: Macau Museum > Ruins of St. Paul’s  |  Na Tcha Temple > Travessa Da Paixao > Lou Kau Mansion > Dom Pedro V Theatre  > Sir Robert Ho Tung Library  > St Lazarus 

Macau Museum
First stop -
you should definitely head to the Macau Museum. The museum contains a treasure trove of valuable objects which tell the story of the many communities which have called Macau home over the centuries. Located within the 17th-century Mount Fortress – a former military defence with panoramic views that’s now part of the World Heritage-listed Historic Centre of Macau, this historical and cultural museum is built on three separate levels.

Photography: Macau Museum

Address: 112 Praceta do Museu de Macau
Opening hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Last ticket sales at 5:30 pm), closed every Monday (opened as usual on public holidays). Free of charge on every Tuesday and 15th of the month

Ruins of St. Paul’s | Na Tcha Temple
Next stop, the Ruins of St. Paul’s, virtually synonymous with Macau as a symbol of the city has become one of its most photographed architectural highlights. The Ruins of St Paul's is a collective term encompassing two structures: the façade of what was originally the Church of St Paul, aka Mater Dei – which was built between 1602 and 1640 and the ruins of St Paul's College, which stood adjacent to the church. Just on the right side of the Ruins is the modest folk-religion temple, Na Tcha, a Chinese shrine that underscores the religious pluralism of Macau. In 2005, it became part of the historic city of Macau, next to the site of another cultural relic. Through this wall, there is a Na Tcha exhibition room. 

Photography: Ruins of St. Paul’s

Photography: Na Tcha Temple

Photography: Na Tcha exhibition room

Address: 2 Patio do Espinho, Macao
Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 (After 17:30, admission is closed; closed on every Wednesday, Macau public holidays are open as usual.)

Travessa Da Paixao
Stroll to the nearby “Love Street” (Travessa da Paixão), one of the most popular selfie spot in Macau.   You can find a mini-cinema, cafes, watch shops and souvenir boutiques in this small alley way. One of them is O-MOON - Pink is the colour theme of O Moon boutique, instantly transporting you to a fantasy realm of cutesy wonderland. Perfect for Selfies lovers !

Photography: “Love Street” (Travessa da Paixão)

Photography: O Moon boutique

Lou Kau Mansion
About 10 minutes walk from Ruins of St. Paul to another famous Macao cultural relic "Lou Kau Mansion" that is another place filled with history, that is believed to be built in 1889. The two-story house has traditional Chinese architecture, and one that is rarely well-preserved, complete with subtle Portuguese influences on the decor that is unique to Macau’s culture. There is a wide variety of authentic street food in the opposite street such as meat skewers on bamboo stick ( dipped in curry broth),  ice cream shops, cafes and Taiwanese bubble tea to satisfy your cravings.

Photography: Lou Kau Mansion

Address: Travessa da Sé No.7
Opening 10AM~18PM, Close on Monday

Dom Pedro V Theatre 
This neoclassical beauty nestled in St Augustine’s Square is not only the first ever Western-style theatre in China, but at one point of time a refuge shelter in World War 2. Now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the theatre continues to play host to performances, concerts, parties and events.

Phototgraphy: Dom Pedro V Theatre 

Address: Largo de Santo Agostinho, Macau

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library 
Near the Dom Pedro V Theatre, the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is largest library in Macau and the only one with a garden. A merge of old and new, you’ll encounter both arched doors and colonial architecture, as well as glass floor-to-ceiling windows and plenty of natural light. The garden and open courtyard is perfect for some afternoon light reading. 

Photography: Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Address: 3 Largo de Santo Agostinho, Macau
Phone: +853 2831 4456

St Lazarus 
Though it’s the smallest of the five parishes in peninsular Macau, at just a quarter of a square mile in area, St Lazarus arguably holds the most complete and alluring collection of buildings and streetscapes within its boundaries, visit the nearby Albergue SCM (one of Macau’s most photogenic spots), St Lazarus Church and Tai Fung Tong Art House.  Known for its cobblestone streets with swirling designs and mosaics, and colonial-style buildings, St Lazarus is a favourite location for artists and designs, with its multitude of gems rewarding repeat exploration.

Photography: St Lazarus Church

Photography: Albergue SCM (Left), Tai Fung Tong Art House (Right)

Located near St Lazarus, explore Fantasia Kitchen as it takes on an interesting collision of food and culture as the dishes spice up and blend in the flavors of Italian cuisine with the influences of Asian techniques.

Address:Rua de Sanches de Niranda, n 6A 
Phone: +853 2835 8835

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