Together WE can overcome!

By: Vestigo Macau
Photography: Shuttle Stock / Amy Wong


Prevention is better than cure. Let's do our part and Together WE can overcome all obstacles. 
Gentle reminder | Useful information for all in Macau:

-  Go near live animals, including poultry & birds
-  Eat raw and undercooked meats
-  Be in crowded places and around people who are unwell

-  Wash hands frequently with soap
-  Wear a mask if you have a cough or runny nose
-  Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing
-  See a doctor if you feel unwell


How to wear a mask?


- It should COVER YOUR MOUTH, NOSE AND CHIN, with the coloured side facing outwards.

- PINCH THE METAL EDGE OF THE MASK so that it presses gently on your nose bridge

- Remove a used mask by HOLDING ONLY THE EAR LOOPS

Useful Information:

Phone: +853 2870 0800 (Infectious Diseases Hotline)
Macau Health Bureau:

The Macao Special Administrative Region Government's Epidemic Prevention page for the "Coordination Center for New Coronavirus Infection Response"

All who are entering the Macao SAR are required to complete a "health declaration" form. Violators can be sentenced to a maximum of six months' imprisonment or a maximum fine of 60 days. You can also fill in the information through the "Online Health Declaration" QR code.


Information provided by Macau Health Bureau -

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