Food delivered with love (2)

By Vestigo Macau
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Craving for your favourite food in Macau during the COVID-19 pandemic? In our part 2 series of “Food delivered with love” , we have added more eateries in our recommended list so that you can satisfy your cravings at the comfort of your home.


My Recipe
My Recipe has specially added a breakfast menu during this period where now they serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Preparing every dishes with love, so you can enjoy delicious yet healthy meals at your home.


Currently they are offering an "half price" discount promotion daily ( with different dishes daily) such as cheese and prawns, American T-bone steak, grilled German pork knuckles, etc. You can now self-collect or order delivery their popular specialty cakes during the afternoon tea special package. With these special promotions, My Recipe hopes to overcome this difficult moments together with everyone.


Address: Avenida Marginal do Lam Mau, S/N, Le Jade R/C D Macau
Tel: +853-2825 2846
Business Hours: 0930 - 2130

Seek Your Choice Bistro
It’s a challenging period for the local F&B industry,  understanding the concerns of its customers - Seek Your Choice Bistro located at the Nam Van Lake has raised the standard of sanitary, providing temperature taking measures and spacing out seat arrangements for diners in its premises.  At the same time, guests are encouraged to have an Al-fresco dining experience where they can enjoy the scenery of the lake. Medical staffs can enjoy VIP discounts for special dishes and delivery services are also available.



Address: Avenida Panorâmica do Lago Nam Van, n.os 470-756, Praça do Lago Nam Van, loja C/V E-1
Tel: +853-2871-4150
Business Hours: 1200-2230 daily

Ponte 16 Tak Heng Hot Pot
While the city is combating the outbreak in these critical moments, Tak Heng Hot Pot at Ponte 16 has promised and assured its quality of food.  In addition, they have launched special discounts to its menu, such as  Chinese dim sum, delicious Chinese stir-fry dishes, seafood hot pot and their signature chicken feet and pork rib in clay pot. Do place your order early to avoid long waiting time.




Ponte 16 Tak Heng Hot Pot on Rua de Pequim
Address: Rua de Pequim no 2-B, I Chan Kok 2 andar A, Macau (Next to Holiday Inn)
Tel: +853 2893-9388
Business Hours: 1500-0000

Ponte 16 Tak Heng Hot Pot at Horta Costa
Address: Rua do Padre Antonio Roliz no 5-17, Chun Hang Garden, R/C, Loja A、E, Macau (Near Carlos da
Tel: +853 2855-3522
Business Hours: 1730-0100

Tam Chai Yu Chun
Are you ready for seafood gourmet dishes? Foodies” favourite, Tam Chai Yu Chun ( In the vicinity of Taipa neighbourhood)  which is located diagonally opposite Inn Hotel, is now offering a variety of takeaway packages with special discount. At MOP80 or less per person for a 6-pax menu that includes 6 main dishes with rice, appetizer and fruits.  You can now slowly enjoy the sumptuous seafood dinner at the comfort of your home.

Address: Lot 26B Avenida Damei Road, Taipa, Macau
Tel: +853 2882-5638
Business Hours: 1100-2230 Daily

OMAYA Korea Restaurant
Korean foodies ALERT! OMAYA Korea Restaurant has launched its takeaway service currently so everyone is able to enjoy the authentic taste of Korean cuisine without leaving home.  Famous for its traditional Korean style cooking methods and unique speciality sauces for its fried chicken to create an irresistible flavour for your palate. An ideal dinner option at home while you are watching your K-drama!




Address: Rua do Comandante Joao Belo No.455
Tel: +853 2826-0108
Business Hours: 1100-1500; 1800-0000

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