Walking Tour in Macau

By: Vestigo Macau
Photography: Louis Li / Benny Wu / Amy Wong

Macau is surrounded by many Chinese-Portuguese buildings, world heritage sites, luxurious and magnificent hotels. Due to its special gifted conditions, Macau became a treasure spot for many photography enthusiasts and attracted photographers from around the world to this city of rich tradition and heritage buildings.


Ruins of St Paul's
Façade of the Ruins of St Paul's is virtually synonymous with Macau as a symbol and the most photographed architectural highlights of the city. The Ruins of St. Paul Church, aka Mater Dei which was built in 1630s and the front wall of the church is the only site left after being destroyed by the fire in 1835. After a comprehensive restoration programme completed in 1996 and recent addition of facilities, you can find tourists from all over the world holding their cameras trying to capture this ‘must have’ memorabilia . Try taking the photos from the direction of Guia Fortress and using the shade of the old tree root for the foreground, you can achieve an amazing effect from this angle.

Photography: Ruins of St Paul's

Travessa Da Paixao
Stroll to the nearby “Love Street” (Travessa da Paixão), one of the most popular selfie spot in Macau. You can find a mini-cinema, cafes, watch shops and souvenir boutiques in this small alley way. One of them is O-MOON - Pink is the colour theme of O Moon boutique, instantly transporting you to a fantasy realm of cutesy wonderland. Perfect for Selfies lovers!

Photography: O-Moon (Left); Travessa Da Paixao (Right)

Address: Travessa do Bispo 6, Macau

Senado Square 
A sprawling, paved, pedestrian-only plaza covering a total area of 3,700 sq m, Senado Square is one of the principal focal points of the World Heritage-listed Historic Centre of Macau. At its centre of this square underpinned by elegantly swirling Portuguese paving stands a fountain that complements the beauty of the surrounding European buildings, which are dramatically illuminated at night.

Photography: Senado Square

Holy House of Mercy Verandah
Hidden in Senado Square, the Holy House of Mercy museum offers one of the best views in the city. Head up to the balcony area on the second floor, where you’ll find photogenic rustic tiles and ceiling fans. Windows are painted in a deep green hue that contrasts beautifully against the white walls, it is definitely a great background for photo taking.

Photography: Holy House of Mercy Verandah

Address: Travessa da Misericordia, No.2, Macao
Phone: +853 2857 3938 / 2833 7503
Opening Hours: 10am – 1pm; 2.30pm – 5.30pm. Close on Monday and Public holidays
Entrance Fee: MOP5. Free admission for students and Senior citizen above 65 years old

Rua Da Felicidade
Just wandering through the backstreets around Rua da Felicidade delivers a heady mix of local and foreign life in a cultural hotchpotch laden with both history and contemporary colour. Filled with rows of traditional Chinese buildings, with the doors and windows painted in bright red. Once the red light district of Macau, you’ll find restaurants and gift shops in its place today. Go during early mornings to avoid tourists photo bombing your selfies, and to get a beautiful shot of the closed doors and windows as your background.

Photography: Rus Da Felicidade

St Lazarus 
Though it’s the smallest of the five parishes in peninsular Macau, at just a quarter of a square mile in area, St Lazarus arguably holds the most complete and alluring collection of buildings and streetscapes within its boundaries, visit the nearby Albergue SCM (one of Macau’s most photogenic spots), St Lazarus Church and Tai Fung Tong Art House.  Known for its cobblestone streets with swirling designs and mosaics, and colonial-style buildings, St Lazarus is a favourite location for artists and designs, with its multitude of gems rewarding repeat exploration.


Photograhpy: St Lazarus

Photography: St. lazarus Church (Left) Tai Fung Tong Art House (Right)

Our Lady of Penha Church 
Macau is a place of religion freedom, but the Portuguese government practiced Catholicism as their official religion in the past, many ancient churches can be found in every corner in Macau. The prominent religious building built on an incline is Sao Laurenco’s statue-laden Chapel of Our Lady of Penha. The majestic staircase leading up to the church is perfect backdrop for the photo taking, spend a moment to absorb in the beautiful city view when you reach the top! 

Photography: Macau Tower view from Penha Church (Left) Penha Church (Right)

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